Cost estimation on new home plans Anyone who is in the planning stages of any building project knows that the most important part of managing the project, is managing the cost of the project.


At Statewide Building Products, we provide building cost estimations based on the building plans provided to us and assist our customers in making sure they get the best possible quotation based on their requirements.


Building plans provided allow us to determine the type of products and quantity to quote on for your project’s reinforcing, Roof beams, Lintels ,T-Bars, Columns, Doorframes and plasterboard requirements, to name but a few of the areas we cover.


When it comes to items such as steel lintels and universal beams we are able to keep cost lower as we can cut and supply to length. This removes the cost of buying in bulk and sitting with an unused leftover material once the build has been completed.


How to make use of our Estimation Service


If you are looking for a cost estimation for your building project in the Perth, Perth Metro or Western Australia region, you are more than welcome to reach out to us.


Send us an email containing your building plans to


Should you wish to discuss any requirements beforehand you can also contact us on (08) 9399 3276.