Have you ever ordered too much sand for your building of DIY project?


After the work has been completed the sand heap just sits there on the lawn or drive way and takes up your real estate. In this article we take a look at how you can gain value from it and reclaim your lawn.


Start a vegetable garden


If you ordered too much Brickie Sand then a vegetable garden is the ideal way to repurpose it.


Mixing Brickie Sand with compost creates a great medium for root type vegetables like potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes and beet root. The combination holds water and provides rich nutrients needed by the vegetables.


Start a garden with excess brickies sand


It is also not as dense and this allows for roots to easily move between the sand particles to get to the water.


Buy a few wooden crates and create your own little vegetable garden on the back porch or mix it with an existing garden.


Even out your lawn


We all have that one spot on the lawn that just “dips” in. Get the rake and start evening out your lawn. As fill sand is great for draining water, the moist will still get to the grass root beneath it.


The nature of grass is to grow towards the sun and fill sand will not provide resistance for that natural process to go its course. Over the weeks the grass will break through and use the fill sand as a medium to support it. Areas around roof gutters can also be treated to eliminate those muddle puddles after a proper rainy day.


If the area you are filling is very low, adding additional soil and a bag of compost to the mix is ideal to stimulate grass growth.


Build your own beach


Build your own Beach


This option is not very practical, but sometimes after a big building project you just need to unwind and relax on your own private beach.