Benefits of steel lintelsLintels are used to bear the load of building material above door and window openings. In Australian trade the choice has always been picking between steel, timber beams (LVL’s) and concrete lintels for construction.


At Statewide Building Products we specialize in providing steel lintels as part of our structural steel range as it offers the following advantages.


  • Steel lintels offers better load bearing capabilities in some cases
  • Steel lintels are lighter than concrete to transport and manage on the building site
  • Steel lintels offers great tensile strength
  • Steel lintels are designed to not be seen
  • Galvanized steel lintels are ideal in coastal areas as they are known to last up to 70 years before showing signs of corrosion due to environmental elements (when exposed)


In modern construction, steel lintels are used when using brick or wood as building material. Irrelevant of the building product used, you always need to consider the following when ordering lintels.


  • Is the wall internal or external?
  • Is the wall load bearing?
  • How wide is the doorway or window area?
  • What is the load going to be that it needs to support?


Your structural engineer, designer and supplier will be able to assist you in determining what the best steel lintel will be based on the requirements of your build. If you are a DIY builder with a weekend project, then give us a call to discuss your project and provide you with assistance before you place your order.