The true cost of structural steelThe cost of structural steel goes beyond what you pay for it per beam. Aside from the material cost you also need to consider delivery charges, the cost of labour on the building site as well as the placing the beams in the correct positions.


At Statewide Building Products we aim to reduce the true cost of any building project by working together with you and your trade contractor to:


  • cut and provide only the length of material that you need
  • offer a fixed $45 delivery fee for orders under 2 tonne in the Perth Metro Area


By working together and cutting the structural steel at our site, prior to delivering it to your building site, not only does it reduce the amount of building product wastage but it also reduces delays in the building schedule.


Nothing delays a project more that building material arriving on site and then finding out that the structural steel is not up to spec. Most tradesmen would be able to remedy the situation by cutting to spec onsite, but this normally means that they are taking man power from one task and placing it over onto another for that period. Add all those incidents together over the project schedule and it does start eating into your budget and timeframes.


The benefit of having your reinforcement and structural material ordered with us is that we can align the preparation and delivery schedule with that of your builder or project manager to ensure that the correct amount of material arrives at the right time. Not only does it reduce the changes of increased cost but a tradesman with access to material at the right time, is a happy tradesman.


It is important to remember that when it comes to anything on a building site that is structural related, it is not a DIY job. You will need a proper team who are familiar with the requirements of the job. The building product you use must be of the best quality available to ensure longevity of your house or commercial building.


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