In October of 2016, 9 News Perth ran a segment about the boom of dodgy builders in the Western Australia region. This raised concerns with consumers who were in the begining stages of planning to renovate the homes, or planning to build a new house.



On Facebook it gave rise to local community groups like Shonky Builders WA, where consumers discuss and report issues they have with work done.


Websites such as also became a hub for consumers who discuss and vett builders and the tradesmen prior to doing business with them. Among the discussion threads the general concensus are that it is not neccesarely the builders who are to blame, but the quality of work being produced by the tradesmen being sub-contracted by the builders.


To avoid having to deal with sub-standard work is to do proper market research before commiting to working with a builder or tradesmen. The ideal combination is a team where the builder is woking with a dedicated team of tradesmen and have a supervisor that can assist with managing the project from start to finish.


Getting recommendations from people who have done renovations to their property in the last few months, will also provide a foundation when compiling a shortlist of candidates. Local building inspectors assist with guidance in the right direction. Acquiring their service for a post inspection will also be a good invesment and ensure the work delivered on is up to standard. If not, they will be able to assist with logding a formal complaint with the Building Services Board.


As with any industry in Perth and the Western Australia region, there is a segment of the trades that deliver great work at a high quality. They do however have to bear the brunt of their "shonky" competitors that do not deliver to the same expectation. The responsibility does however lie with customers to do proper vetting and research to protect themselves from a nighmare project and have that extra peace of mind.