Sand is everywhere around us and when it comes to a building or landscaping project it becomes clear that you cannot just use any type of sand.


At Statewide Building Products we supply and deliver 3 types of sands to the Perth, Perth Metro and Western Australia regions. In this article we dive into the sand box to see what sand works best for your project.


Brickies Sand


Brickies Sand contains a clay component that makes it and ideal building component to use for laying bricks and block work.


Due to the presence of clay particles it doesn’t soak up and hold a lot of water and mixes well with cement. Using a ratio of 6 parts bricks sand to 1-part cement binds it together into a more manageable mortar to use. Add some gravel to the mix and you have concrete.


The rule of thumb is that if your requirement is for the end product of your labour to be a hard-set result, then brickies sand is the type you want in the mix.


Fill Sand


Fill Sand is fine type of sand that is ideal for projects in areas that require drainage. Think of it like sand on the beach.


When the waves crush on the sand the water almost immediately drains into the sand as the wave pulls back. It works the same way when you use fill sand to fill the gaps around a septic tank you have just installed, or if you are planning to put a fish pond in the corner of your garden.


The sand fills the spaces around your material to secure it from shifting. In the event of an overflow, the water simply drains into the ground.


The primary use of fill sand in Western Australia is to create a level compacted ‘sand pad’ or base for a new house, new shed in the back yard or if you plan an extension.


Plaster Sand


As the name implies, it is used for plastering mix. It is a mix of fine graded sand that is clean from any rough particles that might be present in other sand types like small stones or twigs.


Due to its fine grade it is also ideal to use as a filler on any brick paving work that has been done as it fills all the small holes and spaces between the layer bricks. As with Fill Sand this secures the bricks and reduces movement when traffic moves across the surface.


At Statewide Building Product we offer our customers 10m³ or 5m³ Brickies, Fill or Plaster sand for delivery.


Order online today and have us deliver it to you onsite and on time.