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Advice For Owner-Builders*

These tips should help you understand what an owner-builder actually does and how to avoid any costly errors.


For Work Over $20,000

Anyone wanting to carry out a building project valued over $20,000 must be either a registered builder or an approved owner builder.


Get the Right Permissions First

This is very important. Owner-builders must be registered as owner-builders with the Building Services Board before applying to local government for a building permit.


Understand the Owner-Builders Role

Basically an owner-builder organises sub-contractors and manages building process to be on-time and on-budget. An owner-builder usually doesn't get involved in the construction work themselves unless they are suitably qualified and skilled.


Get Expert Help

Owner-builders are responsible for overseeing the construction however it's good practice to engage qualified experts to do inspections together at important stages of of the building process.


Understand the Legalities

Learn as much as possible about your local government's codes and the conditions of the building permit. Ask lots of questions and do any extra courses or research to fully understand what is required.


Meet All Construction Standards

An owner-builder is responsible for the house's structural integrity for 6 years after completion. To ensure this, engage a qualified building inspector at key times during the construction process.


Know How To Accurately Estimate Costs

Accurately estimating costs and building within your budget takes away an enormous amount of stress, both mentally and financially. Learn how to do estimating well with some leeway for the unexpected. We can greatly assist your estimating process with our free quote service. Accurate documentation of estimates and planning will also greatly assist with any finance approvals.


Only One Every 6 Years

Owner-builders aren't allowed to build multiple dwellings. It's only possible to build one house, shed or granny flat every six years.


* This is provided as general information and appropriate due diligence should be carried out before undertaking any owner-builder project.


How To Become An Owner-Builder

Application Form

See all the details on the Government of WA website and download the application form.



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