Statewide Building Products supplies a full range of plasterboard to the Perth commercial and residential building market. We sell many different sizes and types of plasterboard and ceiling board as well as adhesives, compounds, cornices and finishing angles covering your project in its entirety.


13mm Plasterboard is a ceiling board and wall board used for lining to create a smooth, blemish fee surface. Mainly used in commercial applications, 13mm plasterboard presents a cost effective, quick and easy method of finishing the walls and ceilings to a room where acoustic, fire and water resistance doesn’t need to be considered. The plasterboard is supplied with both edges recessed giving the flushing compound has an area to fill when sheets are butted together. Once installed and flushed, 13mm plasterboard provides a blemish fee surface which is ready for paint.


With 13mm plasterboard available in widths of 1200mm and 1350mm there is a sheet wide enough to suit your application. Cutting sheets down is simple. Simply use a straight edge and Stanley knife and cut it along the face, snap it back away from the score and cut the back paper towards the front face. Standard plasterboard is not suitable where moisture or water is present so be sure to use water resistant plasterboard.

13mm Plasterboard

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