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Statewide Building Products supply many different varieties of steel reinforcing mesh across the Perth region. Concrete is high in compressive strength but low in tensile strength. Reinforcing mesh is used in house slabs, tilt panels, footpaths and driveways to give the concrete tensile strength, preventing it from cracking. The size and type of mesh to be used will depend on the engineering specification of a project. The specification is usually dictated by soil conditions on site.


Square Reinforcing Mesh

Reinforcing mesh is available in square and rectangular grids. Square mesh is usually dictated by two numbers and rectangular mesh usually dictated by three numbers. The first number demonstrates the size of the bar and the second demonstrates the spacing’s between the bars. Where a third number is present, this number demonstrates the size of the reinforcing bar cross ways.


Square reinforcing mesh example: SL52: 5mm Reinforcing Bar, 200mm spacing’s between bars over the sheet of mesh


Rectangular Reinforcing Mesh

Rectangle reinforcing mesh example: SL718: 7mm bar long ways, 100mm spacing’s between the reinforcing bar over the sheet of mesh and 8mm reinforcing bar cross ways. All rectangular mesh has 100mm x 200mm spacing’s between the bars.


While you organising you’re steel reinforcing mesh for your project, why not stop and order trench mesh and all your reinforcing accessories?

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