Water Resistant Plasterboard


Water resistant plasterboard is used in areas where humidity and moisture is present. Areas such as bathrooms and laundries as well as alfresco ceilings are often exposed to moisture and if standard plasterboard is used, mould becomes an issue. In the manufacturing process of water resistant plasterboard, the board’s core is specially treated to have low absorption properties and a water resistant face and back paper is used to give it water resistance.  


Statewide Building Products are delivering water resistant plasterboard around Perth daily. It can be combined with a delivery of other plasterboard so that you can complete your whole plasterboard project in one delivery.


Water resistant plasterboard is available in widths of 1200mm and 1350mm with different lengths available to suit your requirements. Cutting sheets down is simple. Simply use a straight edge and Stanley knife to cut it along the face, snap it back away from the score and cut the back paper towards the front face.

Water Resistant

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