Steel lintels are used as the load bearing component to support bricks over openings such as windows and door ways. Made out of galvanised steel, these lintels are available as an equal or unequal angle in a range of different sizes – the greater the opening size, the bigger the lintel required. Due to the galvanised treatment, the lintels are able to withstand the exposure from the external elements.


Steel lintels often require fabrication such as mitres for corner windows and holes for roof tie downs.

Here at Statewide Building Products, we can cater for all your galvanised lintel fabrication needs.

Require something outside the options given under the product? Feel free to call us today to discuss your requirements.


Below is a guide of what lintels should be used for different openings. Please note this is only a guide. Please consult your engineer for project specific requirements.

      Opening Size              90mm Brickwork               110mm Brickwork               Bearing (mm)       
<1800                 75x75x8 90x90x8 120
1800-2400 125x75x8 100x100x8 180
2400-3600 150x90x8 150x90x8 200
3600-4000 150x100x10 150x100x10 200



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