Reinforcement Accessories

Reinforcing accessories are all the sundry items that are often forgotten about but are crucial to the successful completion of your reinforcing project. Items include:

Builders Film

Also known as poly, builders film is used as a moisture barrier to prevent rising permeating through the concrete slab from damp from the soil underneath. It is also used for concrete curing, temporary weather protection or a drop sheet when rendering or painting.

Combination Bar Chairs

Used to hold reinforcing bar and mesh in the correct position so that concrete has adequate cover. Ideal for slab on ground construction and available in 25-40mm, 50-65mm, 75-90mm and 80-100mm.


Used to tie bar and mesh together.

Plastic Tipped Wire Chairs

Typically used in suspended slabs to support bar where chair must have a minimal base coverage. Also used with base plates in slab on ground and footing applications where mesh needs to be held higher than 100mm.

Base Plates

Used with plastic tipped wire chairs where there the ground cannot support the chairs.

Reinforcement Accessories

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