Trench Mesh




Statewide Building Products supply many different widths of trench mesh to the Perth construction industry. Due to the low tensile strength of concrete, trench mesh is used in strip footings to strengthen them up reducing the risk of shear. The size and width of the trench mesh depends on the engineering specification of a project. The specification is usually dictated by the load bearing capacity of the soil conditions on site.


Trench Mesh Sizes

Trench mesh is available in 8mm bar and 11mm bar. It comes in 6m lengths and widths of 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm, 600mm and 1200mm. To determine the size you require, take the width of the footing and deduct 100mm. The naming convention is as follows: bar size TM width. For example, L8TM200 – 8mm Trench Mesh 200mm wide.



It is important to keep your trench mesh off the ground when it is buried in the concrete. Contact with the ground will result in rust to the steel and will compromise the strength of the footing. To keep the trench mesh off the ground, use trench mesh supports.


Have you ordered your steel reinforcing mesh? While you organising you’re trench mesh for your project, why not stop and order all your reinforcing accessories?

Trench Mesh

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