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Reinforcing steel and bar is also known as reo mesh, rebar, re-bar or reo bar. It is used to strengthen concrete because of its poor tensile strength. The presence of deformed bar is key to help concrete to adhere to a bar’s surface. In most cases around Perth and Western Australia, an engineer is commissioned early on to specify what mesh and bar are required for retaining walls, footings, slabs or suspended slabs.


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Square Mesh

In Perth, mesh is available in square and rectangular bar spacings. Square mesh has its naming convention coded by 2 numbers. The first number demonstrates the size of the bar and the second number demonstrates the spacing of the bar to create the mesh fabric.


Rectangular Mesh

The rectangular mesh is different than square mesh as the steel fabric spacings form rectangles rather than squares (as the name suggests). In addition to this, the bar cross wires are all the same size bar (7.6mm) no matter the size of the mesh sheet, but the long wires are different size bars depending on the mesh size. Rectangular steel mesh uses a three-number naming convention. The first number demonstrates the size of the bar long ways, the second number demonstrates the size the spacing of the bar one way and the third number demonstrates the size of the bar cross ways.


Reinforcing Mesh & Bar Examples

An example of square reinforcing mesh: SL52: 5mm reinforcing Bar, 200mm spacings between the bar over the sheet of mesh.

An example of rectangular reinforcing mesh: SL718: 7mm reinforcing bar long ways, 100mm spacing’s between the bar over the sheet of mesh and 8mm bar cross ways. All rectangular mesh has 100mm x 200mm spacing’s between the rebar.

In Perth and Western Australia, rebar is typically used in smaller areas and thicker slabs or suspended slabs, where there are more tensional forces present (less support). Rebar’s naming convention is an N (previously Y) and then a number. The N states the strength of the rebar (500MPA) and the number states the rebar size in diameter (N12 rebar = 500MPA rebar, 12mm in diameter).


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