Galvanised steel T-bars are used to support double brickwork in areas where the opening below will not be infilled. The base of the T-bar closes the cavity.

Due to constantly being exposed to environment elements, all of our T-bars are hot dip galvanized so that there are never any issues with rust or corrosion.


Here at Statewide Building Products our T-bars come in two different widths – 180mm & 200mm. 180mm T-bars are used where no cavity is present and 200mm T-bars are used where overall brickwork width is wider due to a cavity being present.  In certain applications such as alfresco areas, galvanised T-bars require mitring on a 45° angle so that two T-bars can run into each other on a brick pier. We are able to cater for all your mitring needs, as well as able to slot your t bars so that you can tie it back to your roof structure.


Below is a guide of what T-bars should be used for different opening widths. Please note this is only a guide. Please consult your engineer for project specific requirements. 


Please allow up to 5 days from date of order to delivery due to galvanising. 


Opening Size T Bar Size
>3000 200x150x10
3000-4800 200x200x10
4800-6000 200x250x10



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