Deformed Reinforcing Bar




Deformed reinforcing bar (often known as rebar, re-bar or reo bar) is used in concrete to improve its tensile strength. Deformed means that it is ribbed – the bars are jagged which allows the concrete to key to the surface of the bar.



In Perth, reinforcing bar is usually called rebar. Rebar is typically used in smaller areas and thicker slabs where more tensional forces present (less support) and mesh cannot be used. Rebar’s naming convention is an N (previously Y) and then a number. The N states the strength of the rebar (500MPA) and the number states the rebar size in diameter (N12 rebar = 500MPA rebar, 12mm in diameter).


How It's Used

Available in many different sizes, reinforcing bar is used in many different concrete applications such as retaining walls, footings, slabs and suspended slabs. Typically, an engineer will specify size and spacing’s of bars when engineering a project.


While you organising you’re deformed reinforcing bar for your project, why not stop and order all your reinforcing accessories?


Statewide Building Products delivers deformed reinforcing bar to the Perth construction industry daily. We can supply any size and length of deformed reinforcing bar and cut to whatever shape you require. Contact us today!

Deformed Reo Bar

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