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Structural steel is the term used for all steel components in a project which support the building fabric. These components are specified by an engineer in the planning phase of a project and components usually include steel lintels, t bars, universal beams (also known as I Beams) and PFC channels.


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Steel Lintels

Around Perth, houses are typically built out of double clay brick with a timber roof. Steel lintels are used to support the brickwork over windows to prevent the weight of the bricks from crushing the windows. Due to being constantly exposed to the weather, lintels are hot dip galvanised to prevent rust & corrosion. Steel shelf lintels are used on two-storey houses on the edge of suspended slabs and concrete beams to support brickwork. The shelf lintel is cast into the slab or concrete beam using lugs.


Steel Beams

Steel beams are usually used where roof support is required. Typically, a universal beam is used. Universal beams are I shaped beams named in size and weight. For example, a 180UB18 is 180mm in height and is 18kg/m. The beam spans between two walls acting as a support for any roof structure. The roof is propped off the beam reducing pressure on the ceiling joists.



T-Bars are similar to steel lintels. They support brickwork, but instead of doing it on one side only, they hold up brickwork over two sides where an opening does not have a window below. An example would be a garage or alfresco.


For Coastal Areas

In coastal areas around Perth where steel is constantly exposed to the weather it is recommended that a hot dip galvanised treatment is applied. This will prevent condensation and salty air corroding the steel.


Cut To Length & Delivered Fast

Statewide Building Products supplies steel lintels and beams to the entire Perth metro area on a daily basis. We can cut any steel lintel or universal beam to length and have it delivered the following working day. We also deliver twice weekly to the South West region of Western Australia.


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