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  1. What is Reinforced Concrete?

    Reinforced concrete is created when concrete is poured over steel bars or welded steel mesh. Although concrete is a very hard material, it has a low tensile strength meaning it doesn't handle stretching forces well. By combining reinforcing bars (rebar) and welded mesh with concrete, engineers and builders counteract this to produce strong concrete slabs.


    Concrete and steel expand and contract at a similar rate and when steel is set in concrete it provides a formidable material suitable for modern buildings.


    When Was It First Used?

    Engineers have been using steel bars to reinforce concrete for many years now. It's noted that Francious Coignet first used iron-reinforced concrete to build a house in Paris in 1853. Some say that the practice has been around even longer than that.


    Buy Reinforced Concrete Supplies In Perth

    See our range of reinforcing

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  2. Prepare your floor for Vinyl Plank Flooring

    The longevity of your vinyl plank flooring will depend on the condition how you prepare your sub-flooring. Uneven sub-flooring will cause your newly inserted vinyl planks to wear and rip, wasting valuable time and adding extra costs to your budget.


    Take the time to make certain that your sub-flooring is flawless. Putting in the extra time will allow the end results lifelong enjoyment.


    Here are a couple of ways to ensure the longevity of your vinyl floors.


    Concrete Sub-floor



    Firstly you will need to test the surface’s moisture level. This can be done by taping a square piece of vinyl with duct tape to your subfloor, ensure that the edges are sealed. Leave it for a couple of days and then remove the duct tape. Should the tape release with great

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  3. I’ve ordered too much sand! Now what?

    Have you ever ordered too much sand for your building of DIY project?


    After the work has been completed the sand heap just sits there on the lawn or drive way and takes up your real estate. In this article we take a look at how you can gain value from it and reclaim your lawn.


    Start a vegetable garden


    If you ordered too much Brickie Sand then a vegetable garden is the ideal way to repurpose it.


    Mixing Brickie Sand with compost creates a great medium for root type vegetables like potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes and beet root. The combination holds water and provides rich nutrients needed by the vegetables.


    Start a garden with excess brickies sand


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  4. What sand type should you be using?

    Sand is everywhere around us and when it comes to a building or landscaping project it becomes clear that you cannot just use any type of sand.


    At Statewide Building Products we supply and deliver 3 types of sands to the Perth, Perth Metro and Western Australia regions. In this article we dive into the sand box to see what sand works best for your project.


    Brickies Sand


    Brickies Sand contains a clay component that makes it and ideal building component to use for laying bricks and block work.


    Due to the presence of clay particles it doesn’t soak up and hold a lot of water and mixes well with cement. Using a ratio of 6 parts bricks sand to 1-part cement binds it together into a more manageable mortar to use. Add some gravel to the mix and you have concrete.


    The rule of thumb is that if your requirement is for the end product of your labour to be a hard-set

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  5. Are you vetting your builders?

    In October of 2016, 9 News Perth ran a segment about the boom of dodgy builders in the Western Australia region. This raised concerns with consumers who were in the begining stages of planning to renovate the homes, or planning to build a new house.



    On Facebook it gave rise to local community groups like Shonky Builders WA, where consumers discuss and report issues they have with work done.


    Websites such as also

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  6. Fears for WA workers as Cooper and Oxley building sites shut

    HUNDREDS of workers could be locked out of a job, with one of WA’s biggest builders hitting financial trouble.


    Work has stopped at major Cooper and Oxley projects all over the state, including a $101 million development in Subiaco believed to have contributed most of the company’s woes due to cost blowouts.


    Angry subcontractors owed money were unable to collect machinery and tools from locked construction sites on Monday.


    Ceiling fixer Jake Tomlinson said he has valuable sanding gear sitting inside the padlocked site.


    “Between me and my partner,

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  7. 5 Questions people ask about plasterboard

    5 Questions about plasterboard Making use of plasterboard for walling and partitions in new houses and developments has become a very popular and cost-effective alternative to using brick and mortar in the last decade.


    Where tradesmen in Perth are well aware of the do’s and don’ts when constructing with plasterboard, there are a lot of DIY enthusiasts that have questions when considering it as part of their renovations or upgrades in and around the house.


    We look at the 5 most asked questions and shed some light on it.


    1: Can I paint straight on to plasterboard?


    A large quantity of houses and homes these days are not plastered internally. Stud partition walls, and often the inner faces of the outside walls are lined with plasterboard,

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  8. The true cost of structural steel

    The true cost of structural steelThe cost of structural steel goes beyond what you pay for it per beam. Aside from the material cost you also need to consider delivery charges, the cost of labour on the building site as well as the placing the beams in the correct positions.


    At Statewide Building Products we aim to reduce the true cost of any building project by working together with you and your trade contractor to:


    • cut and provide only the length of material that you need
    • offer a fixed $45 delivery fee for orders under 2 tonne in the Perth Metro Area


    By working together and cutting the structural steel at our site, prior to delivering it to your building site, not only does it reduce the amount of building product wastage but it

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  9. The benefits of using steel lintels in your construction

    Benefits of steel lintelsLintels are used to bear the load of building material above door and window openings. In Australian trade the choice has always been picking between steel, timber beams (LVL’s) and concrete lintels for construction.


    At Statewide Building Products we specialize in providing steel lintels as part of our structural steel range as it offers the following advantages.


    • Steel lintels offers better load bearing capabilities in some cases
    • Steel lintels are lighter than concrete to transport and manage on the building site
    • Steel lintels offers great tensile strength
    • Steel lintels are designed to not be seen
    • Galvanized steel lintels
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  10. How much will my house plan cost to build?

    Cost estimation on new home plans Anyone who is in the planning stages of any building project knows that the most important part of managing the project, is managing the cost of the project.


    At Statewide Building Products, we provide building cost estimations based on the building plans provided to us and assist our customers in making sure they get the best possible quotation based on their requirements.


    Building plans provided allow us to determine the type of products and quantity to quote on for your project’s reinforcing, Roof beams, Lintels ,T-Bars, Columns, Doorframes and plasterboard requirements, to name but a few of the areas we cover.


    When it comes to items such as steel lintels

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